Fighting an urge becomes meaningless when the mind is equipped with the right tools.
A.k.a. my first book report since high school (sort of)
Remember that object called a 'pen'? It's time to blow the dust off it.
We know of the major benefits of exercise and healthy eating, but there are some lesser-known ones that are in no way lesser.
Would your response be honest or kind? Do we have to choose?
In our overstimulated world, it’s tough to shut out all the noise and conflicting information about fitness and nutrition, but the solution is always…
For many, the Body Positivity Movement has allowed for important recognition and visibility, but has it become a convenient crutch for some?
Where fat, salt and sugar meet is a place that makes our toes curl in pleasure. But once you’re hooked, is there any going back?
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Brains Before Brawn